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About us

Hommes Equipe has evolved from a shared sense of fashion, which we believe is worth sharing with the world. Driven by our passion to showcase our love for fashion, in combination with our need to share our individual ideas about fashion, we started a men’s fashion blog. The name Hommes Equipe was chosen to reflect our collective ideas rather than our individual views. We operate as a dynamic team, as one deciding on its content and direction to write the best, because as cliché as it may sound: fashion is our passion.


Our Vision

We explored a contemporary phenomenon: blogging. Posting one’s opinions and ideas on one’s own website is increasing rapidly among people with an eye for fashion, especially among women. Where the supply and competition of female fashion bloggers is huge, we notice that men are less keen to blog in general, and neither about fashion. However, there is a slow increase of male bloggers. The Hommes Equipe team has noticed this slight growth, and is actively participating in the expansion of the men’s fashion blog world. Let’s be fair; men love fashion too!